LoRaNET® connects thousands of sensing devices and actuators into smart networks and applications.
Internet of Things and Internet of Objects benefits become widely available with a minimal investment
using LoRa™ long range, cost efficient and highly secure radio communications standard.


LoRa™, LoRaWAN™ and LoRaNET®

LoRa™ is a long range, low power radio frequency communication technology that brings the Internet of Things concept available to large scale adoption in terms of technical capabilities and cost effectiveness. LoRa’s outstanding features: low power, long range, high immunity and spread spectrum are surpassed only by its interoperability and the careful design of its security features.

LoRaNET® is a LoRaWAN radio communication infrastructure developed by Flashnet, based on Semtech’s LoRa™ technology and IBM LRSC source application. It enables fast and cost efficient installation of up to 20.000 Internet of Things or Machine 2 Machine applications, in a range up to 15 km of every base station (depending on urban density).

LoRaNET® is available as a service or as a standalone infrastructure, making it easy to be adopted and included in the portfolio by both telecom infrastructure operators and services providers. With thousands of applications, from home-use smart appliances to large scale pollution monitoring, smart metering or even livestock tracking, our technology has the power to improve processes and people’s lives on an unprecedented scale, opening new and outstanding opportunities for the telecom business.


LoRaNET® system architecture

LoRaNET system architecture

LoRaNET® key features

Low power

Up to 20 years of autonomy for the connected battery-operated devices, regardless of any power supply availability.

Long range

One LoRaNET® base station can connect up to 20.000 devices in a area up to 15km, depending on urban density and application specifications.

Bandwidth efficient

Minimal communication requirements, greatly reducing required transmission time and the connected device's energy consumption.

Interference immunity

Special design that helps reduce any demodulation of high-frequency transmissions, reducing radio interference and providing reliable communications.

Highly secured

Unique connected device security ID, dedicated high-security memory for encryption keys storage, SSL and AES data transmission encryption.

Two way communication

Permanent bidirectional communication that can be initiated both by the connected device and the application server with LoRaWAN class C compliant devices.


LoRaNET® applications

You can connect sensors and controllers to virtually any appliance, heating or lighting device in your home. Even the windows and blinds can be operated remotely or through an automated process. Combined with weather sensing and using a smart application, you can transform existing amenities into a true smart home, reacting to the environment and adapting to your habits. Also child tracking, health monitoring and valuable asset security become easier than ever.
Electricity, water and gas suppliers gain real-time awareness of the network’s parameters, which can reduce repair times and maintenance costs by efficiently reacting to any malfunctions, tempering and other grid events. Automatic meter reading and customer invoicing and remote supply flow control while reducing grid losses will further decrease operation costs, bringing cheaper and better quality services to the end consumer.
While cities are expanding, there is an increased need for integration, synergy and efficiency within every community. Environment, gunshot, flood or any other sensors can be placed around the city, according to its specific issues and needs. Real-time management for all public services, including public transportation, street lighting, parking and traffic control, plus integration of renewable energy sources or omnipresent electrical vehicle charging, all bringing increased citizen comfort, safety and well being.

You can increase productivity and market responsiveness by efficiently assessing equipment performance, resource needs and security threats inside buildings or on large-scale industrial platforms. Device-level production data and control in real time allow faster information flows and faster decisions. Flexible and easy to update sensor-level networks can instantly detect malfunctions (or even before they occur), reducing intervention time.
Besides natural disaster monitoring (earthquake, flooding, avalanche or fire), you can aim for better process management, improved speed and increased efficiency in the agriculture. Real-time reading of meteorological data such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, as well as ammonia and pH levels, plus real-time detailed information regarding land irrigation or animal feeding and drinking-water flow can determine the best intervention at the right time for planting, harvesting or animal care.


LoRaNET® benefits

 Low price

simple network structure, long range, fewer gateways and overall inexpensive installation requirements

 Fast deployment

start operating the network right after the first LoRaNET® base station is installed

Own your infrastructure

buy the hardware, choose to license the software and own the entire LoRaNET® infrastructure

 Open protocol design

unrestricted and vendor-free integration of sensors, actuators and applications

 App store opportunity

use ours, build your own or let others integrate LoRa™ compatible hardware into smart applications

 PR opportunity

availability of LoRa™ infrastructure will generate new ideas and innovative initiatives

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